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YB- 30/0.4kV EU Style Compact Transformer
Our History
Rockwill Electric is a high tech enterprise founded in 1980s by the father of the today’s founder. The predecessor company mainly produces insulators. When the original founder retired, his son inherited the company and change the business scope with the demand of market. That’s why Wenzhou Rockwill Electric Company exists!
Our Factory
Rockwill is located in Wenzhou City, that specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing power transmission and distribution products. Nowadays, Rockwill enjoys a worldwide reputation for its superior quality and service. It is worth that Rockwill always embrace the idea of developing together with customers and endeavored to provide users with safer, easier, greener and more energy-saving high and medium voltage electric equipments and components.
Our Product
Rockwill Products includes the following:
Indoor switch: Vacuum Circuit Breaker(Fixed or drawable), SF6 Load Break Switch
Outdoor Switch: VCB, Auto Recloser, Pole-mounted SF6 LBS, Dropout sectionalizer
Switchgear: metal clad switchgear, gas insulated RMU, air insulated RMU
Oil-immersed transformer, Dry type transformer, Metering unit, Indoor/outdoor CTPT, Single/Three-phase contact box, Switch controller, Protection Relay, Substation.
Product Application
The main applications are divided into industrial and commercial fields, protection, distribution, metering, improving the quality of electricity, and preventing emergencies.
Our Certificate
We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in KEMA certificate,3C,ISO9001,CE,Interteck certificate.
Production Equipment
Bending Machines, Shearing Machine, Laser Cutting Machine, Automatic Robots, Welding machine.
Production Market
Middle East: Syria, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt
South America: Brazil, Ecuador, Spain, Peru, etc.
Africa: Tanzania, Kenya, Congo, South Africa, Zimbabwe, etc.
Southeast Asia: Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Cambodia, Myanmar, etc.
• Jointly established a transformer plant with Tanzanian customers to facilitate the expansion of local and surrounding markets.
• Winning Zimbabwe auto recloser bid, Bangladesh recloser bid, Kenya Middle-earth project, etc.
Our Service
Our company has set up a number of tough emergency service team, on-site experienced engineers and senior technicians, arrived on the scene in the fastest time for any problems, maintenance and replacement. All about product quality complaints, within 1 hours after the reply, rushed to the scene within 24 hours, and to determine the treatment measures according to the complaint, repair and replacement. We promise all maintenance personnel availability, the better for the customers. The warranty period on the quality of the products the costs borne by my company. If caused by improper use of user's company, all expense should be covered by them.YB- 30/0.4kV EU Style Compact Transformer

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